Danny van der Tak

Employed at Exter since August 2017

Position: Sales Order Coordinator


I have been working at Exter since August 2017, and I am having a great time so far. Within Exter, the lines are short, which makes communication efficient in many cases.


As members of the Sales Order Management Team, my colleagues and I do whatever it takes to make and keep our clients happy. The different tasks, ranging from the booking of orders to invoicing, appeal to me.


Eventually, it is our goal to have as many clients as possible enjoy Exter’s products, to which I try to contribute.

Yolanda Koese

Employed at Exter since 2017

Position: Senior Technical Application Specialist


One of the things that interests me about this position is the international aspect. It is great to have colleagues in Asia. An application kitchen has been opened there recently, and it is nice that we can support them, so they can continue developing the products for that region.


"It is great to work with different clients from different countries, because you are confronted with many different tastes. Mayonnaise, for example, tastes very different in respectively the Netherlands, France, and Belgium. The tastes that we create here at Exter make it possible to add nuances that suit the country they are being produced for.”


Within Exter, you can easily contribute new ideas. You can point out what concerns you, or what you think can be done differently. Every idea is taken into consideration, and you can see how they are being dealt with, which makes it interesting to think along.

Stanley van der Burg

Employed at Exter since July 2015

Position: Senior Planner


I find my position very interesting, because I have to deal with every department. I experience the entire process from beginning to end.


My position as Senior Planner enables me to be in touch with every department. For example, when a test production is about to arrive, the TAC (Technical Application Centre) is in need of a planning. They want to know when we can plan the test production. All departments eventually lead to us. I especially like this because it is very dynamic.


The responsibility that my position as a planner gives me appeals to me, since there are responsibilities for several departments. Another aspect that I appreciate about my job is working with colleagues which are of my own age. We connect with each other and help one another other any way we can. Within our department, we all have each other’s backs.